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Most people will tell you it’s impossible to "Have it all", The Family, Life and Career of your dreams! 

But I’m here to tell you that: ANYTHING you desire is possible! 

It's True: You can have fun, look amazing, and skyrocket your career all while also being a caring parent and amazing partner!

Can you relate to seeing others on Facebook out to dinner, having a lot of fun, while you have to work to deal with that tight deadline? 

Or maybe you recall that time when your child had that important role in the school show, but you couldn’t go to watch, because you had that super important meeting at work; then you felt guilty about it? 

Or perhaps when you do make time for important family things, you feel like you are failing at work? Maybe even failing in everything!?! 

The pressure is high and mounting, but let me tell you this – IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. 

And you are not alone – there are millions of parents out there in a constant battle with time and the countless responsibilities – both professional and family related. 

I was there myself too not long ago. Like you I know what it’s like to wonder things like: 

am I doing this right?” 

will I live to regret this?” 

do I have to sacrifice my career to be able to have a happy family?” 

The good news is that no you don’t! There is a way to escape the worry and guilt and have the best of both worlds – to be very successful in your career, achieve your goals there, AND be a dedicated parent and loving partner ALL at the same time.  

What if I told you that you can transform this endless struggle to find work-life balance, into happiness, fulfilment, purpose and such a love for your life that you jump out of bed in the morning? 

And I can show you the way that leads there… You will never have to feel bad at having to miss a family or personal event ever again because of work, and your career does not have to suffer because of it. In fact, quite the opposite – I will show you how you can have more time and energy to invest in your career so its fulfilling and rewarding. If you’ve always dreamed of that AND being able to have regular romantic dates with your partner and spend more time with your kids, then you’ve come to the right place at just the right time. 

I’m excited to show you how you can transform your world, this struggle for balance, and how you manage your time easily by following my techniques. 

I know you might be thinking: This is exactly what I need in my life! But how am I going to do this? Well, I am about to tell you. But first, if we haven’t met yet, let me briefly introduce myself..... 

My name is Maxine Nwaneri – and I am a Certified Life and Career success coach and International Speaker. 

One night as a relatively new mum, I found myself in front of the bathroom mirror in the middle of the night, stressed, exhausted and feeling the pressures so many of us working parents have felt trying to find the right balance, wondering: 

Do I need to sacrifice my career for my family? 

Then I remembered an incredible lesson I learnt much earlier in life after I was able to with the help of God miraculously turn my life around from one of addiction, homelessness, and failure into one of wholeness, hopefulness and success; It’s this: 

that regardless of how things feel, or look, ANYTHING I desire is possible! 

So like before, I decided to figure it out, I dived deep into learning and worked with mentors and coaches to discover how to help myself and other working parents like me literally break free of the seemingly endless struggles that we go through. I went on to develop what I now call my Childproof Your Career” - Triple-A Success System

It Is for the parent who loves their family dearly, and wants the best for them, but who also wants a career you love, in which you do meaningful work, that you are passionate about, fantastic at, and appreciated for. 

Whether you are at the point where you have not even had a child yet but are worried about how starting a family will impact your career, Or if you have just 1 child, and are already feeling the pull between work and life and wondering how to balance it all, Or even if you have a larger family, and more complex struggles and things to coordinate My Triple-A Career Success system will work for you. 

This system has helped me break free of that struggle and literally skyrocket my career even further since I had my daughter without sacrificing anything that is truly important to me and my family. In addition to having a career I adore and feel incredibly fulfilled in, I have an amazing and passionate relationship with my husband, a wonderful relationship with my daughter. And we have quality time each and every week to create amazing memories at home and abroad. We love to travel and do so almost monthly. 

Beyond all the travel and family stuff, for me quite importantly, I like to have time for me personally, to look after myself so I look, and feel great and continue to develop. These are the things that are important to me. 

Our lives are far from perfect, but I know that from what I have been able to create and help others create too, it is possible to end this struggle for balance and “have it all” as some people say. I like to call it to create work-life harmony. So now I specialize in helping amazing people just like you all over the world do exactly that, really thrive and reach your potential both in work and life. So that you feel energized, fulfilled, and like you are succeeding in both. whatever success means for you personally. In fact, I am committed to helping at least 1000 people, on each continent in this way, over the next 10 years.

"I feel such gratitude for where I am, and where I am going both professionally and personally."

Prior to working with Maxine, I knew I wanted to start a family, but also wanted to make sure that I kept growing in my career. I was not sure how to do this, and to be honest, if it was even possible. I had so many goals I wanted to achieve but was so busy, I wasn’t sure how to find the time and space to focus on them. Since Working with Maxine, she has helped me immensely to get clear on my true desires, create a vision for both my professional and personal life, and a customised plan and structure that allowed me to achieve tangible results and rewards in my career and life. I look at my precious daughter, and feel such gratitude for where I am, and where I am going both professionally and personally. Thank you Maxine!”
Zara English

So, if you are struggling to try to find a balance between your life and career, I am here to help you transform that using the powerful tools from my Triple-A success system. 

What I discovered in my research to as I put this success system together is that there are 3 simple yet effective steps you need to take to “Childproof Your Career and create your dream work and life situation. And it would be my honour and privilege to take you by the hand and help you take these steps to totally transform your life and career over the next 3 months in my brand-new success system filled with a decade of my most powerful revelations and insights to the biggest questions that working parents have asked so far. 

In just 30 minutes or less every 2 weeks for the next 90 days, my Childproof your career Triple-A success system will through short powerful videos and customizing exercises, show you how to make a real difference in your life, relieve the pressure, make time for yourself and your loved ones, and achieve your career goals ALL at the same time. 

Plus, as a bonus you will have me by your side on a coaching call every 2 weeks for the full 3 months, to keep you accountable and answer any questions you may have as you implement this powerful system. 

This Childproof your career success system represents a culmination of my years of research and coaching. I am incredibly proud of what I have created for you. Not just because this course contains some of the most important content I have created in a decade, but because I firmly believe that this course has the power to positively transform your life. It is the antidote to regret. We only have one life! Can you really afford to spend countless hours at work, while missing out on romantic dates, seeing good friends, or missing important events from your child’s life? You and I both know the answer to that question. The answer is NO. 

Time is just too precious. I will show you how to go from just spending time, to investing it in the right way, so 24 hours a day will finally feel enough for you to accomplish all you need and want to in work and life. 

The fact that you are actually reading this right now, shows me that you are an action taker. So many people wish for more time to do more of what they love – but do nothing. You are taking the first steps to actually get on the way there. 

If you found yourself nodding and relating as you read any of the above, it is time to change your life forever. 

This Triple-A Success System is an investment you are making in you and your precious family. 

To make this course yours, all you need to do is click the button below right now to get signed up. Spaces are limited so get signed up today!  We kick off the next round on 29th February 2020 xo